Pierre Troisgros, legendary three-star chef, is dead

Pierre Troisgros, who became famous with his brother Jean for having revolutionized cuisine and made the family hotel-restaurant of Roanne (Loire) a monument of gastronomy, died on Wednesday at the age of 92, announced Patrice Laurent, director of Maison Troisgros.

"Pierre Troisgros died at his home in Coteau [near Roanne, Editor's note] at the beginning of the afternoon," said Laurent, who has worked for the family house for thirty years."His son Michel and his wife are are there and are in shock, ”he added, confirming information from the regional daily“ Le Progrès ”.

"The crew has a heavy heart"

After the Lyonnais Paul Bocuse, to whom he was very close, and the Poitevin Joël Robuchon, who died in 2018, it is a new sacred monster of French haute cuisine who is taking his bow.

"The crew has a heavy heart this evening.We learn of the death of chef Pierre Troisgros, who was Mr.Paul's traveling companion for 70 years of extraordinary friendship", the team quickly reacted in a tweet.Paul-Bocuse restaurant.

The crew has a heavy heart this evening.We learn of the death of Chef Pierre Troisgros who was the traveling companion… https://t.co/WmjFQA1ArQ

Born on September 3, 1928, this man with the invariable mustache and a good-natured smile was brought up with his older brother Jean in the taste of good food by his parents, at the head of the Modern Hotel in Roanne.

The two brothers were trained in the best restaurants and worked to obtain a first star in 1955.The restaurant became Les Frères Troisgros, with Pierre in the kitchen, Jean as master saucier and their father Jean-Baptiste in the dining room and in the restaurant.cellar.

Posted Date: 2020-10-05

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